Rock like a Jedi and Slay like a Sith!

If you know anyone who has a VR system, chances are you have heard of Beatsaber. If you are unaware, Beatsaber is a music & rhythm game similar to the likes of Guitar Hero, Rockband, and Dance Dance Revolution. There are prompts on the screen that coincide with the music, and you are supposed to do something to those prompts. Usually its playing a guitar, banging on a drum kit, or dancing on a floor mat. In Beatsaber there are blocks that are flying towards your body that have arrows on them. You are armed with one blue lightsaber and a red lightsaber. The blocks have to be slashed in the direction of the arrow for them to count as a hit, and each hit builds your combo as you rack up your score while playing to the music. It is a very simple formula, but where it shines is in the simplicity.


Do or do not, there is no try.

Beatsaber is one of those games that anyone can pick up and play, but very few can master. This game requires insane hand-eye coordination and incredible reflexes when played at its highest difficulty settings. There are modifiers that can further increase the difficulty as well, resulting in some very entertaining sights from any guests watching you play. When you put the headset on and the controllers into your hands, you don't feel like you're playing a simple music game. You feel like you're in some crazy training exercise to become the ultimate duel-wielding Jedi.


This is just the beginning.

Beatsaber just released for PSVR this past Winter and the song selection is quite lacking. With less than a couple dozen tracks to rock out to, it can get a little tedious after your muscle memory kicks in for certain songs and focusing just isn't required anymore. The modifiers do mix things up a bit, such as switching the colors of the blocks, or the dominant beat being played on your opposite hand. However, as it stands they do not add enough variety to make any play session a lengthy one. Aside from the fact that this game can be very physically draining, playing the same 10 songs over and over again does get a little stale after a while.


A new Hope

Beatsaber really showcases what virtual reality is capable of. Its difficult not to feel completely immersed as you slay every block with your sabers, and the simplistic principle of the game is truly perfected in the realm of VR. Years ago on the Wii, if anyone had made a music game like this I feel it would have failed greatly. VR headsets give you a sense of depth perception that playing on a flat screen just does not deliver. Having some colorful blocks thrown at your face for you to cut into pieces with lightsabers while dancing to awesome music is just one of many awesome experiences to be had in VR. If you ever thought of picking this one up, certainly do not hesitate! More content is on the horizon, and there is a ton of fun to be had!